A.T.I., Inc. (Albert Technology Int' l) was established in New Jersey (USA) in 1983. Our primary focus is to provide customers with the benefits of ATI's services, including economic solutions using current practical & pragmatic applications of the latest technologies. Our modern facilities have designing, engineering & manufacturing capabilities, all of which are equipped for accurate & reliable measurement and cost-effective production lines of microwave and millimeter spectrums utilized at ATI-Eng. Our mission is to provide specialized research, development and manufacturing of Broadband Wireless, Microwave and Millimeter-wave RF systems for the High-Speed Internet Access, Military Tactical Network and Wireless Communication Industry.

Through 18 years of successful business, we have continually expanded our organization to better serve our customers. In 1993, ATI-Korea was established to increase our business opportunities abroad and to provide direct customer support & on-site warranty services, and also to expand ATI's manufacturing capability. ATI-Korea manufactures professional and sophisticated equipment play for the large scale production of RF sub-modules ranged for VHF/UHF to Ka-Band Frequencies to meet the requirements of our customers. Our combined manufacturing capacity allows for re-engineering and low cost volume production according to the requirements of each of our customers.

Global Marketing

Also since its inception, besides Engineering, the ATI Group’s hallmark of prompt service and unquestioned reliability for over years has been rewarded with the steady worldwide growth of satisfied customers, as well as with the recognition of ATI as a leader in the global distribution of industrial and military specialty equipment.

Functioning as the international sales arm for top global manufacturers, ATI Inc. offers a vast array of advanced products in many industries. From Electronic parts to complete Radar system, ATI offers personal service and the industry-specific expertise to solve the user’s problems.

In addition to meeting the needs of world business community, ATI also serves government at all levels, offering equipment and materials for public works and militaries.

Each ATI Sales Manager offers the years of extensive international marketing experience it takes to facilitate a smooth transaction. Our people call upon their in-depth knowledge of local political/social situations and foreign language capabilities, and travel continuously to meet client’s needs.