* ATI Product List
+ Linear Power Amplifier Modules

3 Watt to 50 Watt Power Output
HF through Ka-Band Frequency Ranges
Self contained & Self-protecting DC power supply
Low Power Consumption
High Reliability Screening
High Dynamic Range
Temperature Compensation

+ Tuner / Down Converter Modules

Low Noise Figure
One or Multiple Conversions to a wide range of IF's
High-level image reject mixers
Switchable Bands (Up to 10 Channels)
Synthesized low phase noise LO
AGC Dynamic Range: >75 dB

+ Synthesized Signal Sources Modules

Low Phase Noise & low Spurious
High Frequency Stability
Wide Bandwidth
Fast Switching Speed
Combined Digital & Analog Technical Design
DDS or Fractional N Synthesis.
Built-in test

+ SSPA / Up Converter for popular Uplink Bands

SSB Up Converting
High Linearity Stand-by Capability
3rd Order IMD : <-50 dBc Power Control Dynamic Range: >72 dB
Internal Ovenized Crystal reference
Synthesized Low Phase Noise LO

+ LMDS (B-WLL) System

Point to Point
Point to Multi Point

( Complete RF systems for communications between Base station, HUB and CPEs )

+ OEM RF Products per customer's specification

As of the present, ATI-Engineering has been successfully executing major contracts as developers, manufacturer, supplier and provider of After Factory Services.