PRC-999 Radio's sub-modules, 30-88 MHz

AN/VRC-12 VHF Radio sub modules development

AN/VIC-2 Tank Intercom Unit Co-development

Ruggedized Data Terminal & Modem for UAV program

Medium Pulse P.A., LNA, Ant Coupler, Attenuator etc. for National Guard Radar, 5 GHz

Mobile Data Terminal for Police TRS networks

HRT-21 (GRC-720K) High-speed Radio Transceiver (1350-1850 MGHz / OFDM) RF system Design and Production See Premier Product below

TMR (GRC-650K) Tactical Microwave Radio (1.71 ~ 1.84 GHz / QPSK Dual L-Band Tuner & Power Amplifier Design and production see Premier Product below

10W & 50W Power Amplifier development

GSM Cellular Phone Unit Co-development

Outdoor units for High-Speed Internet access (24.0 - 30.0 Ghz LMDS, B-WLL) including RF Frong-Ends & IF Translators.